Amazing Franchise options Now available For Footwear Outlets across Pakistan

Here is how it works. You can choose from ‘Shelf Franchise’ to a ‘Full shop  Franchise’ options

Shelf Franchise


Apply for shelf franchise, and get a stock of complete shelf, with 12 multiple designs, in two colors, with a total stock of 168 pairs.

The 12 designs will contain different collections to cater all types of customers, from Dress shoes, moccasins and sandals/slippers of Crayons Brand, and sub brands of Crayons.

An app will be provided to the shop keeper with which they can make sale, automatically letting Crayons know which stock needs to be replenished. Plus having new designs updated every season, specific to our Pakistani market via our competent research team, so we are able to provide the best product at the best price to our wonderful customers.



  1. Branded shelf
  2. POS APP for Real Time Sale/Inventory Updating System
  3. Hassle Free Auto Weekly Inventory Replenishment System
  4. Monthly Advertisement Campaigns / Season wise Sale Campaigns
  5. Outlets Included in Crayons Advertising
  6. Season wise Design updated
  7. Shop Board Design & Standees for Campaigns
    Economically priced for Retailers


If you have an outlet and are interested to know more about the Franchise, you may e-mail us at, or whatsapp us at +923008247904 for complete package details